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Shanghai Die & Mould Trade Association (shortened as SDMTA) was established in 1994. It is a non profit organization consisted of mould and die factories in Shanghai, mould and die related industry factories in Shanghai, mould and die factories in other provinces, and mould and die related factories in other provinces. The association has under it ten professional committees, a mould training center, a secretaruat which has five ministries and one section office. The association has until now 500 members.

SDMTA basic function is service, coordination, representative, and self-discipline, and tenet is serve association members, know members needs, promote die & mould industry development. SDMTA has taken part in many activities, including participate in compiling of Shanghai mould industry development plan; organize mould training, technology consultation, information communication, die and mould exhibition promotion, and products promotion; cooperate with foreign countries in technology, join hands with foreign die and mould associations; investigate mould industry and release relevent reports; organize mould technique and quality testing; make and promote mould contracts and mould standard; publish journal of Shanghai Die & Mould Industry, Modern Mould, and mould techonology documents, which have accelerated Shanghai mould development. SDMTA has been awarded the fame "Advanced Trade Association of Shanghai".

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Info Dept:33011579 Cooperation Dept:63572632 Training:33011579 Exhibition Dept:63573505 Office:63244555
Address : 441 North Road, Shanghai, Henan -- 461 Kam Arts Building, Room 1403
Zip code : 200071Shanghai ICP prepared 05013413
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